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Eyern Helm Motor Guild
                  Eyern Helm Motor Guild ®              Find us on Facebook   http://www.facebook.com/EyernHelmMotorGuild      

Unique Clothing, 
jewelry & accessory 
line for men and women.

If you strive to stand apart from the norm and 
ride a different road than the rest of the pack ... 
my line of clothing will speak to you.
Enjoy and ride safe.
Eyern Helm Motor Guild

Eyern Helm Motor Guild:  
Clothing, apparel and jewelry store for motorcycle enthusiasts seeking unique and trend setting style.  Each of these designs speak to the biker who lives for the adventure of the next ride.  Men and women alike will be drawn to this edgy line of motorcycle apparel created for the independent biker who seeks to express his or her uniqueness with cutting edge style as they ride the road less traveled.  
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